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Chapter 1 Bonus: Visits

Richelle left the infirmary the moment she heard footsteps coming down the stairs outside of it. The last thing she wanted was to get in the way of the doctor doing her job. She snuck out before Leta even set foot in the hallway, leaving no trace that she’d ever been there visiting the ailing captain at all.

Richelle didn’t know what to make of what was wrong with him. The group that had gone to the Baltimore didn’t speak of what had happened there or after. No one told Richelle anything anyway. She was worried, but only in a vague sort of way. Surely they knew what they were doing. Surely they’d take care of him. Surely it would all be fine. Continue reading

Transcript 033061

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 012 outgoing. Crew Deck 015 Incoming. Transcript Begin.

015: Niki? Hey. You in there?

[transmission silence]

012: …Yes. What is it, Javi?

015: Umm. How are you?

012: Oh, just peachy.

015: You’re mad at me, aren’t you.

012: No Javi. Of course not. Why would I have any reason to be mad at you?

015: Erm, I don’t know actually. I was going to ask you that. Continue reading

Transcript 021661

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Observation Deck outgoing. Kitchen incoming. Transcript Begin.

OBD: Javier? You still up there? Stop cleaning. Come down to the observation deck.

KIT: I can’t Niki. I have to clean the floors. And the counters. And the dishes. And aren’t you supposed to be helping?

OBD: ….No.

[transmission silence]

OBD: Javi if I help you clean stuff, the cap’n’s gonna start expecting me to do it all the time. Don’t you understand?
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Transcript 021461

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 012 outgoing. Crew Deck 001 Incoming. Transcript Begin.

012: Corra? Psst. Corra!

001: [muffled noise]

012: Corraaaaa. Wake up.

001: Hm? Niki? Wha–

012: You didn’t come find me.

001: What?

012: You didn’t come find me. You promised you would.

001: What are you talking about?

012: You don’t remember? You promised you’d come find me after the gala and tell me about it. And you didn’t. And now you don’t even remember. And I’m offended.

001: Oh that’s right. I’m sorry, my little Nikito. I was so tired. It just slipped my mind. Just wanted to get out of that stupid dress and take off those awful shoes and–

012: Okay, yeah, that’s fine, just tell me what happened.

001: At the gala?

012: Of course at the gala! How was it? Everything you imagined? Shiny lights and fancy dresses and expensive cocktails?

001: Well…yeah. It was all of those things…

012: But?

001: But what?

012: But you sound so…bummed. You can’t fool me. Something happened.

001: No no, nothing happened, it’s just….

012: Just what?

001: Just I think I hate rich people is all. They’re assholes. Pompous assholes, all of them.

012: Well I coulda told you that.

001: Well excuse me for having some hope. I dunno, I just thought tonight would be something different. And it wasn’t. It was just…same old same old. Me, out of place. As always.

012: Did they say something mean to you?

001: No no, they didn’t–Well, they did actually. But not about that. They didn’t know about that. Thank god. I can’t even imagine how much worse it would have been if I’d done my hair a bit differently and they’d seen that.

012: Aw, well even if it wasn’t about that, I wish I’d been there to beat them up for you.

001: It would have at least been a more entertaining party to watch you try.

012: So did you get to dance with any dapper young gentlemen then?

001: Didn’t I just explain that they were all pompous assholes?

012: Even Cy-cy?

001: W-what?

012: Well actually, he is kinda pompous…

001: Niki…

012: So you didn’t dance with him either? Lemme guess, he didn’t work up the courage to ask.

001: Oh don’t be cruel. Cy’s sweet.

012: Oh yeah, I know. And hey, I caught a glimpse before you left. Who knew that guy could clean up so well?

001: Yeah…You shoulda seen his brother.

012: What?! The captain was there?

001: Of course, showed up last minute, typical Fiearius style.

012: Did he shower for the occasion?

001: Well I don’t think he went that far…

012: Pity. That man could do with a fresh layer of soap.

001: [laughter]

012: So did you dance with him?

001: With Fiearius?! God no, of course not.

012: So you went to a dance. And didn’t dance.

001: Seems that way.

012: What a waste. You shoulda taken me. I may be nothing more than Archetian street scum, but I woulda danced with you all night long.

001: Next time, Niki? Next time, I really will…

INTERCOMM link disconnected. Transcript end.

Transcript 020761 01.17

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 012 outgoing. Crew Deck 015 Incoming. Transcript Begin.

012: Hey.

[transmission silence]

012: Heeey. Javier.

[transmission silence]

012: You awake?

[transmission static]

015: Kind of. Why Niki? S’going on?

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