Transcript 021461

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 012 outgoing. Crew Deck 001 Incoming. Transcript Begin.

012: Corra? Psst. Corra!

001: [muffled noise]

012: Corraaaaa. Wake up.

001: Hm? Niki? Wha–

012: You didn’t come find me.

001: What?

012: You didn’t come find me. You promised you would.

001: What are you talking about?

012: You don’t remember? You promised you’d come find me after the gala and tell me about it. And you didn’t. And now you don’t even remember. And I’m offended.

001: Oh that’s right. I’m sorry, my little Nikito. I was so tired. It just slipped my mind. Just wanted to get out of that stupid dress and take off those awful shoes and–

012: Okay, yeah, that’s fine, just tell me what happened.

001: At the gala?

012: Of course at the gala! How was it? Everything you imagined? Shiny lights and fancy dresses and expensive cocktails?

001: Well…yeah. It was all of those things…

012: But?

001: But what?

012: But you sound so…bummed. You can’t fool me. Something happened.

001: No no, nothing happened, it’s just….

012: Just what?

001: Just I think I hate rich people is all. They’re assholes. Pompous assholes, all of them.

012: Well I coulda told you that.

001: Well excuse me for having some hope. I dunno, I just thought tonight would be something different. And it wasn’t. It was just…same old same old. Me, out of place. As always.

012: Did they say something mean to you?

001: No no, they didn’t–Well, they did actually. But not about that. They didn’t know about that. Thank god. I can’t even imagine how much worse it would have been if I’d done my hair a bit differently and they’d seen that.

012: Aw, well even if it wasn’t about that, I wish I’d been there to beat them up for you.

001: It would have at least been a more entertaining party to watch you try.

012: So did you get to dance with any dapper young gentlemen then?

001: Didn’t I just explain that they were all pompous assholes?

012: Even Cy-cy?

001: W-what?

012: Well actually, he is kinda pompous…

001: Niki…

012: So you didn’t dance with him either? Lemme guess, he didn’t work up the courage to ask.

001: Oh don’t be cruel. Cy’s sweet.

012: Oh yeah, I know. And hey, I caught a glimpse before you left. Who knew that guy could clean up so well?

001: Yeah…You shoulda seen his brother.

012: What?! The captain was there?

001: Of course, showed up last minute, typical Fiearius style.

012: Did he shower for the occasion?

001: Well I don’t think he went that far…

012: Pity. That man could do with a fresh layer of soap.

001: [laughter]

012: So did you dance with him?

001: With Fiearius?! God no, of course not.

012: So you went to a dance. And didn’t dance.

001: Seems that way.

012: What a waste. You shoulda taken me. I may be nothing more than Archetian street scum, but I woulda danced with you all night long.

001: Next time, Niki? Next time, I really will…

INTERCOMM link disconnected. Transcript end.

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