Transcript 020761 01.17

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 012 outgoing. Crew Deck 015 Incoming. Transcript Begin.

012: Hey.

[transmission silence]

012: Heeey. Javier.

[transmission silence]

012: You awake?

[transmission static]

015: Kind of. Why Niki? S’going on?

012: Oh nothing. I just can’t sleep. And I’m bored. And I wanted to talk to you. Whatcha doin?

015: Oh. Well I’m reading. Kind of. Trying to sleep. Rhys is snoring and I can hear it from three rooms away…

012: Is that what that noise is? Thank God, I thought it was the ship failing. Or falling apart. Or imploding. None of which seemed that unlikely.

015: Yeah. Maya said she was going to bang on the door. Guess it didn’t work.

012: Probably too drunk to notice…Oh! So. I was gonna tell you. Remember that whole scene in the dining hall this morning?

015: Trying not to.

012: Well I talked to Corra later. Poor thing, she was such a mess. I mean, I can’t blame her. Goddora? That guy’s a nightmare. I don’t care he never touched her himself, he’s still a disgusting bastard. Do you know what he does with the ones he can’t ‘tame’? The ones that stand up for themselves and try to fight back? He sells them to some guy out in Synechdan who makes em fight each other to the death. Isn’t that sick?

015: They — what? Fight each other?

012: That’s what she said! Goddora ships em off to some guy who puts em in a ring and makes em kill each other. And all these people watch and they bet on it and stuff. So no one fights back because if they do? Well apparently there are worse places than Goddora’s compound to be after all…

015: But that’s — horrible. That’s so sick.

012: Beyond sick. And that’s not even to mention what he does with the people who don’t argue. Ugh. Bastard. Anyway. That wasn’t my point. My point was, I talked to Corra and she’s having an obviously shitty day, but she gave shooting lessons to that new doctor. You know, the one that the captain’s apparently taking with him on this job? Because that makes so much sense of course. Have you talked to her at all?

015: Not that much. Well, no. Not at all actually. I was going to say hi after breakfast but she looked … pretty upset … I think we technically stole her off that Society planet you know.

012: Yeah I heard someone say she was kidnapped, but…I thought we didn’t do that…She doesn’t really seem that bummed about it. Maybe it was a civil kidnapping?

015: I hope so. But why IS she going with the captain tomorrow?

012: Corra thinks it’s to spite her. I dunno though. He probably has a reason. He always seems to have a reason. Or he’s just finally lost his mind. Which is plausible. We all knew it would happen one day, didn’t we?

015: I think he kind of already has.

012: [laughter] Probably true. Anyway, so she was giving shooting lessons to this doctor who’s never picked up a gun in her life. Wrong ship, lady. And she’s going on this job with Goddora that really, Corra should be going on, you know.

015: I’ve never picked up a gun before, either.

012: Well…yeah, me neither, but…what ever. What I was saying was that Corra apparently offered to give the whole armory to the doctor if she killed Goddora for her. [laughter] She says she thinks the doctor assumed she was kidding. But I don’t think she was kidding…

015: Whoa.

012: I’m gonna laugh if she actually does kill Goddora. Then she’ll have to give her armory away. And she’ll be even more sad. I guess except for that whole…evil bastard being dead thing. Okay yeah. Maybe it’s worth it.

015: Then the captain will kill them both probably. He likes Goddorra, remember?

012: Yeah I guess. But not as much as he likes Corra I hope. Either way, if he so much as looks at that beautiful creature the wrong way, I will cut his throat.

015: Wait. [laughter] Cut his throat? Is that so?

012: You heard me! I could do it. If…he was asleep. Or not paying attention. Or already dead…I don’t know. What ever, it’s possible. Regardless, I hope none of them have to die tomorrow. Especially the new girl. I’ll feel really bad if she gets killed on her first job and I never even said hello to her.

015: Me too. She seems nice. [transmission static] Did’ya hear that? I think we’re close to the atmosphere.

012: Oh great. How are we supposed to sleep while the captain nearly crash-lands us into the surface of the Planet of Evil Slave Trader Man?

015: I’m pretty tired actually. And my room’s freezing. I think I’m going back to bed Niki …

012: I can come keep you warm if you’d like.

015: You can what?

[transmission silence]

015: Umm. ‘Night Niki.

012: [sigh] Yeah alright. Night Javi. See ya in the morning.

INTERCOMM link disconnected. Transcript end.

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