Transcript 021661

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Observation Deck outgoing. Kitchen incoming. Transcript Begin.

OBD: Javier? You still up there? Stop cleaning. Come down to the observation deck.

KIT: I can’t Niki. I have to clean the floors. And the counters. And the dishes. And aren’t you supposed to be helping?

OBD: ….No.

[transmission silence]

OBD: Javi if I help you clean stuff, the cap’n’s gonna start expecting me to do it all the time. Don’t you understand?

KIT: I guess. No. Not really. And if you’re not doing it then someone has to …

OBD: Sure, but that doesn’t have to be you. Someone else can. Come down to the observation deck.

KIT: Why?

OBD: Because I want you to.

KIT: But why?

OBD: Ugh, it’s a surprise, okay? Just get down here.

KIT: What kind of surprise? You know I don’t like surprises.

OBD: Well you’ll like this one, I promise. It involves food if that sways you at all.

KIT: Well I am kind of … hungry … I have stuff to do.

OBD: But Javi, I spent all that time setting this up for you…

KIT: If the captain finds out I didn’t do the work I was s’posed … [transmission silence] What did you set up? What is it?

OBD: I told you. It’s a surprise. You’ll like it. Please come. I’ll take care of Fiearius if he’s mad.

KIT: [laughter] You’ll take care of Fiearius? Really? How? Okay, how about Amora then? The kitchen has to be clean so she can make breakfast. Or so I’m told.

OBD: That’s okay, I have all this food, you won’t need breakfast.

KIT: Yeah. Won’t need it because I’ll be dead. Because Fiearius will kill me.

OBD: Ugh Javi. What do I have to do to convince you?

KIT: Do these dishes for me. Hey, did you see everyone’s back from the gala? Did Corra say how it was?

OBD: Yeah, not that great apparently. But we should have gone anyway.

KIT: [transmission silence] Like, together? [transmission silence] Naaah. I don’t even have nice clothes.

OBD: Aww, but wouldn’t you look so handsome if you did?

KIT: I don’t — well maybe. Um, anyway who’s on the observation deck with you?

OBD: No one. Just me. And you when you get your ass down here.

KIT: No one? Oh. [transmission silence] Well. Okay fine. Just let me finish the dishes.

OBD: Finally. See you soon.

INTERCOMMM link disconnected. Transcript end.

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