Transcript 033061

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 012 outgoing. Crew Deck 015 Incoming. Transcript Begin.

015: Niki? Hey. You in there?

[transmission silence]

012: …Yes. What is it, Javi?

015: Umm. How are you?

012: Oh, just peachy.

015: You’re mad at me, aren’t you.

012: No Javi. Of course not. Why would I have any reason to be mad at you?

015: Erm, I don’t know actually. I was going to ask you that.

[transmission silence]

012: …Seriously?

015: You don’t like that I side with the crew? Is that it?

012: What? No. It’s not that you side with ‘the crew’ because that doesn’t even make sense. We’re the crew, you’re the crew, I’m the crew, Corra’s the crew, Leta and Cyrus are the crew, we’re all crew here. It’s not ‘crew’ vs. whomever. It’s just a bunch of selfish whiners freaking out and causing trouble for no reason. And you’re siding with them. That’s what I have a problem with.

[transmission silence]

015: But they make a lot of good points.

012: What?! No they don’t. They’re just making wild accusations and blaming people because they’re scared.

015: But – but do you know why they’re scared?

012: Well yeah… ‘cause the ship’s broken. And we don’t know if it’ll be fixed. I know, we’re all scared.

015: No, that’s not – that’s not it. Palia’s scared because her husband was supposed to do a job a month ago, and since we’re stalled and he can’t do it, their family is in trouble. And Alistair has a sister who is real sick, and he needs to see her. And … and in the middle of all this, the captain hasn’t said anything about what we’re doing. Or what happens next.

012: Well…yeah but I’m sure he and Cyrus are doing all that they can. It’s just…it’s broken. There’s nothing to be done.

015: Don’t you think it’s weird that Fiearius hasn’t addressed us at all?

012: Well, yeah, a little, but Corra said he’s been really busy helping Cyrus or something. I dunno, I’m sure if there were any updates, he’d tell us.

015: I don’t know that he would.

012: Well I think you’re wrong.

015: I don’t … well … okay. You don’t have to be mad at me for it.

012: …But. Yeah I do! I’m mad at them for stirring up a ruckus and you’ve just said that you’re part of them so I’m mad at you too.

015: We can’t — we can’t just disagree on something? Friends disagree!

012: Yeah we can disagree, but I don’t want you getting mixed up in whatever it is they’re planning. I don’t trust ‘em, Javi. Not at all.

015: Really? They’ve been nice to me.

012: B-but I’m nice to you too! Why don’t you trust me?

015: Of course I trust you! But something is fishy right now and you know it. Something’s off.

012: Yeah, the engine’s off. There’s nothing fishy. They’re doing everything they can.

[transmission silence]

015: Fine. Fine, Niki. If that’s what you think.

[transmission silence]

012: Look, Javi, it’s just– I’m worried about you. Don’t….don’t do anything you’ll regret.

015: Like what? You’re always telling me to — to stand up for myself more. Well I am this time.

012: Yeah…Well…Okay. Just. Just–be careful, Javi.

015: I am.

012: O-okay. Good. I’ll…I’ll see you later, Javi. Bye.

015: Bye?

End transcript.


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