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Chapter 3 Bonus: Okay

Considering how tumultuous the first leg of the trip to Carthis had been, Cyrus was more than just relieved to set foot on solid ground once more. Even if that solid ground happened to be covered in snow and ice and a terrible chill his desert-born bones weren’t used to.

Even if he was partial to winter weather, though, there were far too many things calling for his attention to stay ashore for long. His little stunt with the Beacon’s engine had done some considerable damage he was going to need at least a few days to fix. The Dionysian was still running on fumes without a credit in sight. And the crew, they were shaken, confused, and possibly in danger if any of the Carthian authorities found out what ship they were aboard.

But all of those things would have to wait because one thing called out to him louder than the rest. Literally.

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Transcript 072961

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 001 outgoing. Command Deck B incoming. Transcript Begin.

001: Cy-cy? Psst. You Awake?

CDB: C–Corra? What time is it?

001: I don’t know. Late.

CDB: Then why are you calling me?

001: Because I thought coming into your quarters while you were asleep would be rude.

CDB: …A fair point. What’s the matter? Continue reading

March 15th Armory Organization

LOGS active. User logged in: Corra. Console: Armory. Transcript begins.

User1: Alright, future Corra, you know I hate doing this, but I’m doing it for you. Oh, ehm, title file March 15th Armory Organization. That’s kind of a stupid name. Oh well, you’ll know what it means. So. Let’s start with the pistol section, shall we? Yes, we shall. I must sound like an idiot in here, talking to myself. I guess I’m talking to a console. But…that’s not much better is it? Hah. Ha. Anyway. Right, pistols. Or maybe we should start with the rifles. Since there’s less. Ugh, I don’t know. I should just start this over again, shouldn’t I? Now that I’ve botched it with the whole beginning just rambling on and on and on. Yeah I’ll just start a new one–


User1: Hm? Come in!

[muffled noises]

User1: Cy-cy! Hey. Come on in, I’m just talking to a console. Continue reading

Transcript 021161

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 001 outgoing. Engine Room Incoming. Transcript Begin.

001: Cy-Cy? You down there?

ER: …Corra?

001: A-ha! There you are. I’ve been looking for you. Well. Okay, not physically looking. But you know what I mean.

ER: Oh. Heh. Right. What’s the matter?

001: What?! I’m offended. Why do you automatically assume something’s wrong?

ER: Because something usually is? Continue reading