Transcript 072961

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 001 outgoing. Command Deck B incoming. Transcript Begin.

001: Cy-cy? Psst. You Awake?

CDB: C–Corra? What time is it?

001: I don’t know. Late.

CDB: Then why are you calling me?

001: Because I thought coming into your quarters while you were asleep would be rude.

CDB: …A fair point. What’s the matter?

001: Are we really going to the Baltimore?

CDB: Seems that way.

001: Kinda sudden, don’t ya think?

CDB: When does my brother not make rash decisions?

001: Do ya think it has something to do with how he and Leta–

CDB: Ah–no. Don’t. Stop. I don’t wanna–

001: Oh Cy-cy, don’t be such a prude.

CDB: I don’t wanna know, Corra.

001: They didn’t even–

CDB: Stop.

001: Oh fine. Is this stupid though?

CDB: Let and my brother?

001: No. Well…yes…but I mean the mission? Is it a bad idea? I mean, it’s gotta be super dangerous if the cap’n will evacuate the whole crew, right?

[transmission pause]

001: Cyrus?

[transmission pause]

001: Out with it. How bad’s it look?

CDB: Pretty bad.

001: But you’re supporting it?!

CDB: I–I can’t not.

001: Are we gonna come back from this?

CDB: Fuck, I hope so…

001: I thought you’re supposed to be the voice of reason. Shoot down Fiear’s crazy when it crops up. If this is really that bad–

CDB: It’s–I can’t explain it. It’s…personal I guess. There’s something different this time. He’s not just being crazy. It means something.

001: You mean she means something.

CDB: I think that might be part of it, yeah…

001: Kinda sucks though, doesn’t it?

CDB: What does?

001: If he doesn’t save Ren, he fails her. But if he does save him…

CDB: What?

001: I dunno, self-cockblock?

CDB: Dov’ha ti’arta, Corra, could you not?

001: [laughter] Sorry. True though.

CDB: I’m going back to bed.

001: Oh alright. Good night Cy-Cy.

CDB: Goodnight, Corra.

001: Oh and Cy?

CDB: Yeah?

001: …Be careful.

CDB: …Yeah. You too.

Transcript end.


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