March 15th Armory Organization

LOGS active. User logged in: Corra. Console: Armory. Transcript begins.

User1: Alright, future Corra, you know I hate doing this, but I’m doing it for you. Oh, ehm, title file March 15th Armory Organization. That’s kind of a stupid name. Oh well, you’ll know what it means. So. Let’s start with the pistol section, shall we? Yes, we shall. I must sound like an idiot in here, talking to myself. I guess I’m talking to a console. But…that’s not much better is it? Hah. Ha. Anyway. Right, pistols. Or maybe we should start with the rifles. Since there’s less. Ugh, I don’t know. I should just start this over again, shouldn’t I? Now that I’ve botched it with the whole beginning just rambling on and on and on. Yeah I’ll just start a new one–


User1: Hm? Come in!

[muffled noises]

User1: Cy-cy! Hey. Come on in, I’m just talking to a console.

User2: …Oh?

User1: Yeah. I know. What’s up?

User2: H-how are you?

User1: Good. How are you?

User2: Oh, good. Fine.

User1: Great…


User1: So what’s up?

User2: N-nothing. Nothing really. I just came by to…see what you were doing.

User1: Well…I’m talking to a console.

User2: Right…

User1: …You sure you’re okay?

User2: Yeah yeah. I’m fine. What about tonight?

User1: What about tonight?

User2: What—what are you doing tonight?

User1: At this rate, still talking to a console.

User2: …Oh…

User1: I’m kidding. Why do you ask?

User2: Well if you’re not doing anything. If you wanted, maybe. I thought you and I could perhaps….Dinner?

User1: [laughter] Oh yeah, Cy-cy, you know me, no amount of unfinished work will keep me from dinner.

User2: Oh. Right. Yeah. But I meant, you know. If you want. We could…go out to dinner? You know. Into the city?

User1: Ooooh [laughter] Okay that makes more sense. Yeah I could go out. Right around sunset? I should be done by then. I’ll grab Leta and–

User2: No.


User2: No, I mean…not with Leta. Just…just us.


User1: Dinner…just us?

User2: Yeah. Dinner. Just us.

User1: Oh.


User2: Well…unless you don’t want to–

User1: No, no, I–yeah. Okay. Dinner. Just us. Sure.

User2: Really?

User1: Yeah. Sure. [nervous laughter] Why not?

User2: Okay. Great. Cool. Yeah. Perfect. I’ll eh–Meet me at the corner of 4th and B at…seven?

User1: Yeah. Sure. Okay.

User2: Great. Well…I’ll let you get back to talking to your console.

User1: Yeah okay.

User2: Right. I’ll eh…see you later.

User1: Mmmhm. Bye.

[door closes]



User1: Okay, now I really need to start over again, don’t I?

LOGS complete. Transcript ends.

2 thoughts on “March 15th Armory Organization

  1. Raven


    I’m certain I speak for everyone, these characters included, when I say that this was really uncomfortable and awkward to witness.

    But oh-so incredibly cute ^-^



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