Transcript 030961

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Engine Room outgoing. Crew Deck 001 Incoming. Transcript Begin.

ER: Eh…Corra? Are you–

001: Cyrus!

ER: Yes? Yes. Hi.

001: Cy-cy, I was just gonna come find you.

ER: Oh. You were? Well you weren’t at breakfast and I wanted to ask you– I mean, I thought– We’re gonna be here for another day I think and– I just thought maybe, you know, getting off the ship is nice sometimes. And maybe. Maybe you’d wanna, I dunno, go for a walk or, I dunno, get some lunch maybe or somethi–

001: Cy-cy I think something’s wrong.

ER: –without Let– what?

001: Did the cap’n come back last night?

ER: Fiear? Maybe. I don’t think so. I haven’t seen him…Why?

001: Leta didn’t either. I’ve been looking all over for her. She’s nowhere and no one saw her get back to the ship. They were only supposed to be gone for a couple hours at most, but all night? Something’s wrong.

ER: I dunno, Fiear’s gone all night a lot.

001: Yeah, but Leta?

ER: Maybe she’s with him.

001: Why the hell would she be with him?

ER: ….Do you really want me to answer that?

001: Ew. Gross, Cyrus.

ER: What?! It’s not impossible, it’s–

001: I think something happened. I think they’re in trouble.

ER: Yeah I guess that does seem more likely…What do we do then? All I know is they were going to the market.

001: Then we’ll start there. If something did happen, someone must have seen something. When does your stupid brother ever do anything quietly?

ER: Never.

001: Exactly. We’ll just have to find a lead somewhere and track them down. We can do this.

ER: If you think so. I’ll eh…get some things.

001: Me too. Meet you in the cargo bay in ten.

INTERCOMMM link disconnected. Transcript end.


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