Transcript 021161

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Crew Deck 001 outgoing. Engine Room Incoming. Transcript Begin.

001: Cy-Cy? You down there?

ER: …Corra?

001: A-ha! There you are. I’ve been looking for you. Well. Okay, not physically looking. But you know what I mean.

ER: Oh. Heh. Right. What’s the matter?

001: What?! I’m offended. Why do you automatically assume something’s wrong?

ER: Because something usually is?

001: Nonsense. Maybe I just wanna chat with my good ol’ friend Cy-Cy. You weren’t at breakfast this morning.

ER: Oh. Yeah. I ate earlier. Got some work to do. Ship’s running kinda spotty, thought I might be able to recallibrate the long-range navigation mechanism to–

001: I’m just gonna stop you right there before you lose me. ‘Working on the ship’ will suffice.

ER: Noted.

[transmission silence]

001: So. How are things with you?


001: That’s good. That’s good.

[transmission silence]

001: Watched any good films recently?

ER: Corra.

001: Yeah?

ER: What’s broken?

001: …My console’s acting funny. It keeps flickering.

ER: Right. I’ll take a look at it. Let me finish up down here and I’ll come right up.

001: …Thanks Cy-Cy.

ER: You’re welcome.

001: That’s not the only reason I call you. When something’s broken. It’s not.

ER: But usually.

001: Not true! I’ve definitely called you when–

ER: It’s okay. Really. Besides, we’ve been hanging out a lot more recently anyway.

001: That’s true, we have.

ER: So no, you don’t need to call me while I’m working to chat. I’ll just see you at dinner tonight, yeah? And we’re gonna show Leta The Legend of Polyanthe after still?

001: [laughter] Definitely. She’s gonna hate us. After we built it up so much.

ER: And when she sees just how terrible it is…

001: [laughter] Oh man.

ER: I can’t wait to see her reaction to the opening sequence.

001: [laughter] Oh god, that close up of the man’s face?

ER: And the long pan of the sky.

001: Let’s not forget the montage of amateur paintings.


001: Aww Cy-Cy, I like that we’re spending time together again.

ER: Me too.

[transmission silence]

ER: So you excited about Tarin?

001: Oh, you have no idea.

ER: [laughter] Oh I think I do. I will never forget the first time we took you there.

001: And I came back with a pile of shopping bags bigger than I was?

ER: That and when Fiear and I took you to that club. The one with the belltower.

001: Oh the Belfry! Shit, you remember that?

ER: I don’t know how I could forget…It was a very memorable evening.

001: In my defense, I had never had more than a few sips of alcohol before in my life. No one tends to give allies their liquor.

ER: Sure, sure, but that doesn’t really excuse how you went running through the–

001: Okay! That’s great your memory’s so good. But I’d rather not be reminded, thanks.

ER: [laughter] Alright, alright. Spoil sport.

001: Meanie.

[transmission silence]

ER: Well hey. Since we’re gonna be there again…Maybe we could–I mean, not there. Somewhere else.

001: Huh?

ER: Well I was just thinking. Maybe we could-ehm….if you wanted, I mean, we could go out or…something? You know, I mean, get dinner. Maybe a drink? I don’t–

001: Ooh that’s a great idea. I’ve heard of his club that’s got three credit drink deals all the time. I’ve wanted to check it out for ages.

ER: Oh, yeah. Sure. If that’s what you want, we could go the–

001: I’ll invite Leta too!

ER: Oh.

001: It’ll be fun. How often do we get the chance to all go out and get wild together?

ER: ….Yeah.

001: Not that drinking on the ship isn’t fun, but sometimes it’s nice to do it in a place where the cap’n isn’t likely to show up and make fun of you, you know?

ER: Yeah. Definitely…

001: Aww, I’m even more excited for Tarin. Look what you’ve done! I wish we’d get there sooner.

[transmission silence]

001: [laughter] I should let you get back to your work and maybe we will, right?

ER: Maybe.

001: Okay, okay, sorry for bugging you. Ahh I’m so excited, I’m gonna go tell Leta right now! See you tonight?

ER: Ehm.

001: Hm?

ER: This might take a little longer than I thought. You two can just watch it without me. I might stop by for the ending.

001: Oh. You sure?

ER: Yeah. You know. Work to do. It’s fine.

001: Okay, Cy-Cy. Well, good luck!

ER: Yeah, thanks.

INTERCOMM link disconnected. Transcript end.

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