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Chapter 25 Bonus: Post-Job


“What d’ya think would happen?” Fiearius asked.

Dez glanced at him sidelong. “If we used the main elevator?” His eyes trailed down to the gun hanging on Fiearius’ hip, the blood that caked his hands and splattered over his arms, the dark circle that was starting to form around his eye as Fiearius grinned mischievously. “Looking like that?”

“Yeah,” Fiearius chimed. “What would happen if we used the main one instead of this shitty old thing?” He gestured around them at the cold metallic walls of the freight elevator that was currently taking them up to the fifteenth floor of Society Headquarters. The elevator that, as Internal agents fresh off a job, with a fresh coat of blood and a fresh set of injuries, they were temporarily restricted to in order to keep them out of the sights of other departments. And perhaps for good reason.

“I think we’d incite a panic amongst the menial office workers,” Dez replied simply. “And possibly get fired.” Continue reading

Chapter 2 Bonus: Blame

Corra wasn’t sure what she hoped to accomplish by confronting Desophyles, but as soon as the group in the cargo bay disbanded, she marched straight to the Beacon. After all the times she’d been down there over the past month, finding the brig through the winding halls of the great Satieran frigate had become second nature to her. And just as the trip was predictable, so was the scene she found at the destination.

Dez sat quietly on the bench in his cell, lit by the dim blue translucent barrier that surrounded him. He glanced up with the same familiar empty stare when Corra’s feet hit the floor. He said nothing. Continue reading