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Chapter 7 Bonus: Friendly Advice

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this sooner,” Corra exclaimed as she paced her Dionysian quarters for what would probably be the last time. She was set to leave on the Beacon in just a few hours. She’d come over to the Dionysian to say goodbye and maybe ask Leta for one of her miraculous hangover cures, but all her concerns about that had faded instantly when her friend had shared some news of her own.

“It only happened last night,” Leta put in quietly, sitting on the edge of Corra’s bed, looking a little flushed. Continue reading

Chapter 5 Bonus: Memories

The ship halls lay quiet and sleepy when Leta finally decided to make her move. Fiearius had been asleep for hours in the infirmary — of course — and most of the crew had turned in early, too. Which was her cue.

Quiet as a mouse, she drifted down the hallways to the command deck and hoisted herself up the metal ladder into Fiearius’ abandoned quarters. Her stomach gave an uneasy twist as she closed the creaky hatch behind her and flipped on a dim light switch, illuminating the mess.
She couldn’t explain her uncertainty in entering his room — after all, she was doing him a favor, just grabbing some of his clothes and things — but that didn’t offer her any comfort. Memories rushed at her, making her skin prickle: it was impossible not to remember the last time she’d been in his room, his hands tangled in her hair, then dragging down the small of her back …