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Chapter 9: The Errand

The main marketplace of Tarin was more vibrant and colorful than Leta even remembered – crowded with shoppers, food carts, vendors, bright window displays. The last time Leta had visited this place, this square had been empty save for three drunk friends, yelling and laughing, slumped over the fountain …

It was a happy memory, but nothing could stem the paranoia and concern flowing through Leta’s chest. She weaved through the sea of people, purpose in her step. Gripped in her hand was a crumbled piece of paper, a note, that Fiearius had left her. Fiearius, of all people.

She’d discovered the note on the desk in her room, right after the ship had landed this morning. The landing was odd in itself: the Dionysian had been bound for Archeti just yesterday. Leta had even made plans to meet Corra there since the Beacon also had business on the planet. Yet they had suddenly landed on Tarin with no explanation or warning, only a short cryptic note that read in its entirety:

North east side of the squar.
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