3 thoughts on “Chapter 45 Bonus: Re: Ship-Pool

  1. DeNarr

    It makes me sad how badly Corra treats Fiearius. Yes, Leta is her friend, and they broke up. Fiear freed Corra though, and they’re practically family. That fact that she would turn on him so easily to “support her friend” speaks very poorly of her.

    1. khronos Post author

      So I had a feeling that might be what came across with this but for some reason I was like ‘ooh no, they’ll get it, it’s fine’.

      I guess not.

      I don’t know if you have a sibling at all, but y’know how some siblings kind of hate each other even when they still love each other? That’s pretty much Fiear and Corra’s relationship. He teases her and she gets huffy and says mean things about him. That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t also kill for him if it came to it. They seem to rarely be in one-on-one scenes together anymore so perhaps that hasn’t been explored on-screen in a long time (except in these sort of out-of-context bonus things) and that’s totally on us. But really, ‘I hate you’ is Corra-speak for ‘ugh you are frustrating but I still care about you you big jerk’

      TLDR; she’s pretty much joking.

      1. flygone

        Hey. Re reading this all and enjoying it, but to be honest I feel that a lot of people(or just me) share DeNarrs view. If corra said what she said a little more sarcastically it would have read quite a bit better and I would not hate corra nearly as much. I realize that hate is a very strong word but I feel like it encompasses most of my feelings for her. She started as a casual happy go lucky stubborn gunhand and she rocked, but then she evolved into a meddling cocky character and that sucks balls. Idk just my thoughts

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