Chapter 41 Bonus: News!

Hi dear wonderful readers! Unfortunately there won’t be a chapter this week due to more traveling, but we will be some extra bonuses to tide you over til chapter 42 next Friday. As always, thanks for sticking with us!


9 thoughts on “Chapter 41 Bonus: News!

  1. Raven

    I… I’ve… I’ve caught up.

    What is this. Madness. What… what am I supposed to do now? Why… why is this happening?!

    No…No.. It’s not true. That’s impossible!

    *a breathless voice whispers* Search your feelings. You know it be true!

    NOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOGH! *lets go of railing, screaming profanities while falling*


    1. iamajellysnake

      My thoughts exactly. No, please excuse me while I go and suffer from Caelum Lex withdrawals.
      *breathes into paper bag*


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