Chapter 36 Bonus: Morning After

Author’s note: Due to traveling, there will unfortunately be no new chapter this week. Sorry about that! To make it up to you, though, we’ll have some extra bonuses instead! As always, thanks for reading! 

It was well past dawn when Cyrus had quietly closed the door to Addy’s quarters behind him and started down the hallway. He had meant to leave earlier, right as the sun rose, to avoid any chance encounters on the way back to his own ship, but when he’d started to get up, she had held onto his arm and asked him not to go. And then one thing had lead to another…

So it was more like mid-morning when he finally tore himself from the comforts of her bed. He didn’t want to at all, really, but he’d been wearing the same clothes for over a week, his glasses needed to be cleaned and he got the feeling he should pay a more extensive visit to his brother now that things had settled down a little. According to Addy, the Beacon likely wasn’t going anywhere for a while so a few errands wouldn’t hurt as long as he dropped by again later. Of  course, he had agreed.

Fortunately, the vast ship seemed quiet this morning as he crept through its halls. With any luck, he could make it to his own quarters without anyone ever noticing he was gone. He could just imagine Fiearius’ chiding remarks if he knew where he’d been. Or the way Leta would tell him to stop teasing, all the while giggling politely behind her hand. Or Rhys who would slap him so hard on the back he’d fall over. No, it would be much better if he just steered clear and avoided all of–


Cyrus froze mid-step and glanced towards the source of the call just down the other hallway. His good mood started to crumble.

Corra didn’t seem to notice. She just barreled towards him, a grin lighting her face and her arms outstretched as if to catch him in a hug. She must have seen him flinch though, because instead she laughed and held back the urge to tackle him.

“It is you!” she declared, gripping his arms and holding him back as though to get a good look at him. “What’re you doing here?”

“Oh just–visiting,” was the best response he could conjur. Which was a terrible answer and he knew it as soon as it fell from his mouth.

“Visiting?” she repeated, already a knowing smirk lifting the corner of her lips. “Visiting Addy?”

“Yeah,” he said automatically, half a second before he realized ‘no, visiting you’ would have made that smirk go away.

Instead, it grew. “Bit early isn’t it? To be visiting her?”

“Well, we have a lot to talk about.”

Corra nodded, faking understanding. “I’m sure. Lots to talk about.” She pursed her lips seriously, but he could see the mischief glinting in her eyes. “But then why,” she went on, that smug smile shining right through her facade, “are you heading away from her quarters? And away from the engine room too? I was just down in the mess hall and she’s wasn’t around so you can’t be meeting her there.”

She knew. Of course she knew. But she was apparently getting a thrill out of twisting the knife a little deeper. Well Cyrus wouldn’t have any of it. He frowned. “Fine, I’ve been here all night, are you happy now?”

Instantly, she grinned. “Yes!” Seizing his hands in hers, she actually bounced up and down before him. “I’m so happy for you! How was it?!”

At once, he felt his face flush red. “W-what? It was–” But he shook his head. “None of your business.”

But since when did Corra care about that? “So amazing then? Knew it.” She just went on, seeming mighty proud of herself. “And you’re gonna do it again, right? You’re gonna keep seeing each other? Cyrus, do you have a girlfriend?!” The noise she let out could only be described as a ‘squee’. “This is so exciting!” she declared before a look of seriousness came across her again and she added, “Just don’t do anything weird, okay?”

“What?” Cyrus snapped, tearing his hands from her grip. “Why do you think I would do something wei–” But the word didn’t even make it out of his mouth before he remembered a moment from the night previous he had been trying to forget. He had done something weird, hadn’t he? And suddenly all that regret came flooding right back.

It must have been apparent in his face. Corra took his hands again, firmly this time. “What did you do?”

Now, he was probably redder than ever. “N-nothing.”

“Cyrus,” she spoke calmly, looking up at him with critical eyes. “Tell me what you did. Maybe I can help you.”

Cyrus hung his head. It was shameful enough without someone else knowing. But Corra’s advice had been legitimate before. Barely speaking above a whisper, his eyes locked on his feet, he muttered, “I–I told her I loved her…”

Her eyes went wide, “You what?! Before or after?”

His throat was suddenly feeling spectacularly dry. “D-during…” he mumbled. Cautiously, he hazarded a glance at her reaction. She was staring at him in utter disbelief. “Look, I know okay?” he defended. “I know. I’m not stupid, I know it’s way too early for that and I didn’t really mean it mean it, but it just felt like the right thing to say at the time, y’know?”

Ever so slowly, her disbelief turned to pity. “Oh Cy-Cy,” she said, her tone sad as she cupped his cheek with her palm. “You are just a walking cliche of awkward, aren’t you?” He frowned, but she smiled encouragingly. “How’d she take it?”

“I–I think okay,” he guessed, though now that the topic was up, he wasn’t so sure. “I apologized and she just laughed and…it seemed fine?”

Corra chuckled. “Sounds like our Addy. Seems pretty hard to phase her.” Cyrus shrugged his agreement and finally, Corra took a step back and drew in a deep breath. “Alright, well. I’m sure we’ve both got things to attend to. And you’ve got a girlfriend to get back to. So I’ll see you around later, yeah?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Cyrus agreed as Corra lifted herself on tip-toes to kiss his cheek.

“Congratulations, Cy-Cy,” she cooed as she turned and headed down the hall. He too started on his way just as she called back, “Don’t forget to use protection!”

6 thoughts on “Chapter 36 Bonus: Morning After

  1. Mouse of Nonny-ness

    “phase” should be “faze”.
    A phase is a stage in a sequence.
    To faze means to deter or cause to falter.


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