4 thoughts on “Correspondence

    1. khronos Post author

      The original concept for the Dionysian came about in 2005 around the time I saw Serenity in theaters. I definitely won’t deny there’s some inspiration there. What we liked most about Firefly was the character-based, crew-involved space opera dynamic and the sort of humanized science fiction so that’s what we tried to emulate in Caelum Lex. I’m glad that’s coming across, although I hope it doesn’t read TOO much like a fanfic hahah.

      1. Robert Springer

        Not at all too much. I usually prefer hard sci-fi but I really like this, not to mention that I find it much easier to identify with this doctor. 🙂

  1. Steve Neiman

    I certainly noticed the similarity too, but its definitely more of a stylistic thing. And even if it was a ripoff, which it isn’t, “fanfic” is the wrong word.


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