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Chapter 44: Arrival


This felt terribly familiar. Corra’s fingers tapped against her cheek nervously as her eyes scanned the expanse of black out beyond the Beacon’s bay window. Nothing looked back at her but the dark shape of Satieri, silhouetted against the light of its neighboring sun, but that didn’t calm the ocean of worry roiling through her veins.

She’d only been to Satieri once and the circumstances were eerily similar. Leta and Cyrus mounted a dangerous mission on the planet’s surface while Corra and Finn sat stagnant on the Beacon, waiting for them to return, useless and powerless in the outcome. That time too, she had whittled away the time in prayers that all would turn out as Leta hoped.

Finn also seemed to be using the opportunity similarly. He paced the floor of the bridge relentlessly, back and forth, back and forth, silent and stoic. An unlit cigarette sat between his fingers, a desperate lifeline he was at least coherent enough not to partake in. Continue reading

Chapter 43: Motivations


“And why exactly do you expect me to believe that?”

Dorrion E’etan crossed his arms over his chest and regarded the man next to him. This man who had been hunting him for years, a man who E’etan had, quite admittedly, wronged in more ways than one, a man who he had always assumed would be his end. And yet here they stood, united at last and he wanted to ally with him?


Fiearius knew it, too. “I don’t expect you to believe it. Hell, I’d be surprised if you did.” He provided E’etan a sideways smirk. “Way I see it though, you got two options.” He raised one finger in front of his face. “Believe me. Help me. Save this fancy apartment you waited so long for from being destroyed. Or.” A second finger joined the first. “Don’t help me. Be worthless. And I’ll just kill you.”

E’etan snorted his skepticism. “Option three, I just kill you.” Continue reading

Chapter 42: Bad Taste


“You know what my advice will be,” Finn was saying, eyebrows arched knowingly on his forehead.

“Yeah.” Fiearius sighed. “I know.”

A crooked grin came to Finn’s face. “If there was ever a time to be gutsy … ”

Now, Fiearius laughed. “Kind of bad taste though.”

Finn waved his hand dismissively. “No such thing as bad taste at the end of the worlds.”

“Dov’ha ti’arte,” Fiearius hissed through his teeth. “Can we not throw those kinds of words around please?” Continue reading

Chapter 41: Council


Fiearius’ fist hit the table. “Bullshit.”

Leta snorted a quiet laugh at how many of the Carthians gathered in the cramped meeting chambers of the dreadnought flinched.

“We took out the ground turrets on our descent, there was one left, but it didn’t have the range to hit any of your ships in orbit,” Fiearius snapped, his teeth bared as he glared across the table at the stoic figure of Gates who had yet to say a single word in this meeting. “So I call bullshit on your ‘we were being attacked’.” Continue reading

Chapter 40: Direct Hit


“The hell are they doing?”

Fiearius watched in horror as another blast from above crashed into the city and shook the ground beneath their feet. Another, a few more miles away, set off a plume of black smoke, marring the iconic view of his home city that he’d admired out of this very window for years.

“I don’t get it,” said Leta at his side, just as shocked as he felt. “They’re supposed to be distracting the air forces, not attacking. Why are they attacking?” She looked over at him with a hint of desperation in her eyes, as though he could fix this, he could stop it. She needed him to stop it. Continue reading

Chapter 39: Familiar


It was difficult for Cyrus not to think about Satieri. As busy as he made himself, as deep as he delved into his own work, ever since the Dionysian departed the Beacon a few hours ago, it just kept floating back. He found himself bent over, staring at the monitoring console, trying to read the numbers he needed for the operation, but all his brain wanted to focus on were thoughts of Fiearius and Leta traversing the streets of his hometown.

He imagined what those streets might look like now. Maybe changed by the war or simply the passage of time. Maybe entirely the same. All at once he was relieved to be away from there, safe from whatever dangers they were facing, and horribly envious. What he wouldn’t give to go home again. Continue reading

Chapter 38: Descent


It was still early when Leta drifted down the Beacon’s empty hallways towards the docking bay where the Dionysian was parked. Early in the morning, but late to the party, it seemed, as most of the crews of both ships were bustling about in preparation. Of course they were. There was a lot to do. The Dionysian set sail for Satieri today.

She brushed past Maya who was unloading the ship’s unnecessary cargo into the care of Cai, past Eve who was arguing with Rhys over which guns to bring, past Richelle in deep discussion with Addy and straight towards the Dionysian’s captain, solitary and focused on the side of his ship, a panel open and a monitoring tablet in his hand.

Continue reading