Welcome to The Span

It’s a trying time in the central clusters of the galaxy. A shadow organization of powerful figures are tightening their grip to seize control, free planets are struggling to maintain their independence, and Leta Adler somehow ended up on a pirate ship.

This is Caelum Lex, a sci-fi space opera following the crew of the Dionysian (the irony of the name is not lost on any of them) and its mission to stay afloat in a Span ever more trying to shoot it down.

Join Leta, a not-so-sheltered-anymore doctor with a mission of her own, the captain she can’t stop butting heads with, his engineering genius of a brother, and the whole crew as they traverse the trials and tribulations of the universe, the mysterious Society, and each other.

Caelum Lex is a completed web serial written in three parts. To start at the beginning, click that big green button to the right or use the chapter navigation below. Be aware: chapters are posted in multiple sections. The below are links to the first section of each chapter. There is also bonus content between chapters. Your best bet is to jump in and just keep pressing ‘next’.


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