Chapter 13: Caught In The Act Pt. 2

“We can talk numbers in a bit, I’m still a little hesitant over what we discussed before, but maybe I can be convinced.”

“Finn, what is he –” Alyx whispered.

He jabbed his thumb back toward the door. “Shall we take the tour then? I’m excited to take a closer look.”

Finally, Finn managed to ask, “I’m sorry, have we–do I know you?”

At once, the man clapped his hand to his head. “Oh gracious, I’m so sorry, I didn’t even introduce myself.” He seized Finn’s hand again. “Taros Lin. I’m the man who responded to your for sale ad? For the ship?”

Suddenly, alarm rose to Finn’s face.

Alyx felt her stomach drop. Her jaw followed. She spun around to Finn. “Your what?!” she demanded.

Guilt was written all over his features. “Alyx,” he muttered, “listen–”

“You’re selling the ship?!” she shouted over him “Are you fucking kidding me?

Finn’s hand met his forehead. “It was a while ago. I just put up the ad, just to see, I didn’t really think–”

“Wait,” interjected the would-be buyer, looking stricken. “Are you no longer selling?”

“No,” Finn said decisively.

“But two days ago, you said–”

“Two days?!” Alyx snapped. “Oh, it was a while ago was it?”

“Alyx, c’mon–” Finn muttered.

“So what, you sell the ship, take your cash to go off and do as you please, what happens to the rest of us?” she growled.

“Excuse me–” began Taros Lin, but Alyx cut him off.

“You. Shut up. Get out,” she ordered sharply. “You’re not buying this ship.”

The man pursed his lips, but made to do as he was told anyway. That is, until Finn, his expression suddenly shifting from apology and guilt to pure anger, countered, “No. Stay here. It’s not your call, Alyx.”

“Not my call?!

Finn’s glare hardened. “It’s my ship, you know I could sell it if I want to.”

“So you’re okay putting eighty people out of work? Out of a home?!”

“If I have to.”

“Have to?!”

“Alyx, all you’ve been telling me is how the ship is falling apart, how we’re behind on payment and schedules. I wanted to see what the ship would go for and split it with everyone. I was just keeping the option open!”

Keep the option open? Alyx could hardly believe her ears. She didn’t even have a response, finding herself only able to stare at Finn in complete disbelief. If he cared so much about Corra, she had to wonder what Corra would think, hearing this? How would she feel knowing that the ship she had worked so hard to build was so easily written off by the man she’d left in charge of it?

Not that it mattered what Corra thought. Corra wasn’t here. Alyx was here. And Alyx was angry.

Finn, oblivious, turned back to the Taros Lin. “You want to buy this ship? Make me an offer. A real offer this time. It’s good enough, ship’s yours.”

“Oh no, it is not.”

“You can’t stop me, Alyx,” Finn growled. “The Beacon is falling apart. It’s done. Let it go.”

Alyx bit down on the inside of her cheek and marched forward until her eyes were even with his. “No, Finn. The Beacon isn’t done. You’re done.”

“‘Cuse me?”

“You wanna leave? You wanna be free of this terrible burden you’ve had to bear?” Her words dripped with sarcasm. “Fine. But to hell if I’m gonna let you hand off everything we’ve worked so hard for to this guy.” She gestured to the short stocky man who was now inching towards the exit. “Be free, Finn. Get the hell out. Go live whatever delusional dream you want, I can’t care anymore. But the Beacon? She’s mine.”

An odd expression came to Finn’s face — half appalled, half admiring, like he could not believe her daring. “You can’t do that.”

“Can’t I? I’ve run this ship pretty much on my own for years, Finn. You may have had the title, but honestly, who did all the work? Sure as hell didn’t see you helping out ever.”

“That’s bullshit — “

“Face it, I am the only reason this ship kept sailing after Corra left. I know what happened back then was shit, I know it was hard on you. Losing your home, your parents, your best friend, I get it, it sucked. And I have been so patient with you, I have. Through all of your binges and your alcoholism and every hindering step you took along the way. But Finn I have been too fucking patient for too damn long and I just can’t be patient anymore. I can’t put up with this any longer.”

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