4 thoughts on “Chapter 27 Bonus: Rumors

  1. Raven

    Yup, saw that one coming a mile away, ever since they attacked those Society aid ships.

    (Which, to be honest, was kind of fucked up. I know the supplies never got to the needy anyway, but it does send an unsavoury message to the people if those are the ships they pick on. Js.)


      1. Raven

        I know. But that’s not a good move if you’re actually fighting something like Society. First impressions and all – they just look like immoral criminals to normal folk.

        Plus, when you think about it, except reputation-wise, does it really hurt Society? It would give them a good excuse to stop wasting resources in charity. In their position, that’s what’d do. Turn everyone against Fiear and Leta and save some resources at the same time by claiming that the supplies are not safe with those terrorists around.


      2. khronos Post author

        Nah you’re absolutely right. They’re just not really thinking in big terms right now. They’re criminals, they’re used to being criminals, they’re used to people hating them and all they want is to bite and tear off as much as they can for their own peace of mind. That could change though.

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