7 thoughts on “Chapter 24 Bonus: Blackwater Map

  1. Raven

    Sooo… is this to scale?
    With a map like that, they won’t be able to take two steps without consulting it again. The detail – it’ll be cake walk.

    About that… how come ‘cake walk’ exists as a legit phrase? It doesn’t make any sense. Walking on cakes? Eating cakes while walking? Cakes on a walk? Diarrhea?


    1. khronos Post author

      Hahah no definitely not to scale.

      A cake walk is actually a sort of musical chairs type game where you walk around a circle instead of chairs and if you win you get a cake. I believe it is mostly renowned for being easy :p

      1. Raven

        Yeah, I know that, actually. I was just being.. me. lol
        But still, if you don’t know the origins… it’s just odd. Disguising even, if last of my guesses is anything to go by.


        Btw, I suck at musical chairs. So… no cakes for me and it’s certainly no cakewalk!

      2. khronos Post author

        Oh. Well good haha. I was assuming based on some of your spelling that you’re British and I didn’t know what a cakewalk was til I came to america so it seemed a reasonable question :p

      3. Raven

        Well, I’m not British. I’m actually not a native English speaker, but I learnt Queen’s English, so hence my spelling choices.

        Yeah, I simply read a lot. I tend to not be very picky when it comes to the subject matter. So, little tidbits end up archived in the shabby vault I call my brain. (:


      4. Raven

        Heh, this is the interwebz. We could not stay sane if we did not assume one thing or another about the folk that lurk within. 😛


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