12 thoughts on “Chapter 22 Bonus: Re: Cheer Up

  1. iamajellysnake

    Is it just me or is the whole ‘spaceship wars’ thing to do with going after the society ships and that now she has accepted it means that she is willing to hunt them?

    1. Raven

      lol I’m pretty sure they’re drawing a parallel to the Facebook game invite infestation that used to be quite popular some time ago. No hidden agenda or meaning there. Just something chuckle worthy, pal.

      9/11 on the other hand….


  2. Raven

    Um, Leta appears to be using version 1.533 of their OS, instead of 1.532 which supports YouTube use. She could not have seen the videos! Not without Flash!

    Or Cy-Cy had some free time on his hands and found a solution to Adobe Flash odd incompatibility with the latest OS version.

    Mighty Creators, I apologize for quietly using the comment section to write fan fiction about their computer troubles. haha


    1. khronos Post author

      No apologies needed. I was always worried if we ever got big enough for fan fiction it would stray somewhere unsavory, I’m much more content with techy ff

      1. Raven

        I sense hits as subtle as a fist to the face. 😛

        Huh, I might actually attempt some fanfic in the Caelum Lex universe once I catch up. I’ve never tried space opera before.

        I do enjoy reading it, so it’s probably just as fun actually participating. :3


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