Transcript 032461

COMM Connection Active: Transcript Begin

DNS: Hello? [signal interruption] Shit, is this even working? Finn?

SCT: Yeah mate, I’m here. You’re comin’ in all shitty.

DNS: Yeah not surprised. I’m hijacking a signal from a ship some 15 AUs off. Perhaps I should make this quick…

SCT: What? No banter or flirting? What’s wrong?

DNS: Oh you know. Potentially mortal peril. The usual.

SCT: What is it this time?

DNS: Engine’s busted. Or dead. Not really sure, Cy’s on the case, but apparently it’s mysterious and difficult and we’ve been stuck floating in the black for the last five days.

SCT: Five days? Whoa. Well shit. And you can’t land anywhere then?

DNS: Well…yes and no.

SCT: Hang on, I just brought up your coordinates. So you’re near Satieri eh?

DNS: Yeah that’s the no…

SCT: No kidding.

DNS: So as of now, I’m just holding out hope our resident genius will figure it out and get us on the move again. Buuuut, things are looking a little bleak. And I’m not the only one that thinks so.

SCT: Crew not taking things well?

DNS: Not so much, no. But who would when your ship’s starting to veer towards a tomb? Unfortunately, with the only thing in range guaranteed death, I’ve no way to get ‘em outta here.

SCT: Sounds like you need me to rescue you.

DNS: I am indeed a damsel in distress.

SCT: But wait, I don’t want to deal with your nagging crew either …

DNS: If you save them, they won’t be nagging at you. They’ll be showering you with love and adoration while they plot to kill me.

SCT: Well in that case! I can be there in … shit, it’ll be a few days.

DNS: Damn. Figured as much. But hey, take all the time you need…We’ll be here…waiting.

SCT: I’ll hurry. Don’t let the deckhands get ya down.

DNS: If you show up and find my corpse attached to the front of the ship, I want you to just turn around and leave and let ‘em rot. Remember that.

SCT: I’m not leavin’ the hot doctor behind.

DNS: Ah, so now I know where your loyalties lie.

SCT: Yeah, that must sting.

[transmission silence]

SCT: Listen mate, don’t let ‘em get to you. Or to the hot doctor, either. I’ll be there soon.

DNS: Aww, you’re sweet. Don’t worry about me. I’ve handled worse than a few pissy passengers in my time. I’ll be fi–[transmission interrupted]

SCT: Fiear?

Transcript end.


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