Transcript 031661

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Command Deck A outgoing. Crew Deck 002 Incoming. Transcript Begin.

CDA: Aiden. I need you.

[transmission pause]

002: Excuse me?

CDA: For this job tomorrow. Before you say anything, I know. You don’t like helping on jobs. But I think you might like this one.

002: With all due respect, I sincerely doubt that.

CDA: No, I’m serious, it’s–

002: Fiearius, it’s four in the morning. You’re drunk, aren’t you?

CDA: What? No, I’m not–okay, maybe. Sorry. But this is important. I really need you, Aid.

002: I’m sorry to hear that.

CDA: Oh come on, just hear me out. What else do you have to be doing?

002: Sleeping, Fiearius. What is it you need, exactly? And keep in mind that I’m morally opposed to everything you do.

CDA: Pssh. Not everything. And not this. Friend of mine’s gonna pay a hefty sum for some stupid necklace. He wants to give it to his wife on their anniversary or something. Stupid, but the money’s substantial and he’s good for it. All we gotta do is steal it from some rich guy’s mansion.

002: And you think I’d actually help you with that? What is it you’ve been drinking?

CDA: Whiskey. But that’s irrelevant. This rich guy. I think you know him.

002: Is that so.

CDA: Sanilac Mauve ring any bells?

[transmission silence]

002: Unfortunately, yes. He was the President of the University on Acendia … and made the call to terminate me.

CDA: Do I have your attention now?

002: I’m afraid you do. You’re … stealing from him, are you?

CDA: Sure are. And I could really use your invaluable presence.

002: To do what? I don’t particularly … like … the man, but I won’t steal from him.

CDA: No no, I’ll take care of that part. I’d never ask you to dirty your perfect hands. I just need a believable distraction.

002: In me? [laughter] I don’t think he’ll want to talk, except maybe about how much he enjoyed firing me.

CDA: Oh I’m sure he can be convinced. You just need the right angle. Everyone loves talking about themselves, you know. Appeal to his ego.

002: Well, that wouldn’t be difficult.

CDA: I’m sure you’ll think of something. Come on. You know you want to.

002: I don’t want to, no, but I’ll consider it.

CDA: That’s all I ask.

002: This job is tomorrow? Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, asleep?

CDA: Oh. Yeah. Maybe. But I’ll sleep a lot better knowing you’re at my side.

002: What?

CDA: Tomorrow.

002: Ah. Yes. Well, I’ll sleep on it.

CDA: Fine. Well goodnight then, Professor.

002: Ex-professor. Goodnight, Fiearius.



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