Transcript 030561

INTERCOMM Ship Connection Active: Infirmary outgoing. Bridge Incoming. Transcript Begin.

INF: Fiear? It’s me, I need to talk to you and I’m not coming up there.

BRI: Hope you’re not expecting me to come down there, kiddo. Cuz that ain’t happening.

INF: Great, I’d rather you didn’t. Are you listening? We need to talk med supplies.

BRI: Still on that, huh?

INF: Well yes, your arm is making the slowest recovery in history, and I’m still your doctor. Unfortunately.

BRI: You’re welcome to stop anytime. Really. Please do.

INF: You would be dead in a day.

BRI: It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

INF: That figures. But we need to restock the infirmary first.  Gauze, dressings, pain medication … most of it for you. Do you we have the means to do that yet?

BRI: You know, it’s rude to ask a man about his finances.

INF: So that’s a no then? Look, we need the supplies. If we don’t have the funds, I can pay for them.

BRI: No. It’s fine. What do you think I’ve been doing these past few weeks, just laying around? I can afford some damn bandages…

INF: I estimated some costs. These things don’t run cheap. Really, I can cover this.

BRI: I said no, I mean no. I don’t need your damn charity, alright?

INF: It’s not — [transmission silence] Fine. If you really think so. Where’s the next place we’re stopping, then?

BRI: Gotta drop in a couple days on Hayden. Market there’s not terrible. Can probably find what you want.

INF: Never heard of it. But that sounds workable. So while you’re doing whatever it is you do, I’ll find a supply shop and pick up what we need.

BRI: Aha. Ha. Ha. No, I don’t think so.

INF: Excuse me?

BRI: I’m not just gonna hand you a pile of credits and let you go off buying a bunch of shit we don’t need. No thanks.

INF: Why? Wait. [laughter] You think I’m going to rip you off? Steal your hard-earned money?

BRI: Oh I wouldn’t imagine you’d be brave enough to try that, no. Loosely interpreting the definition of ‘necessity’ though? Yes. Yes, absolutely.

INF: You must be even more desperate for cash than I thought, captain, if that’s what you think of me. What exactly am I supposed to do then?

BRI: Not my problem. Guess you’re shit outta luck.

INF: Alright then. So the next time Cyrus is poisoned or shot, I’ll just shrug and say, sorry, can’t do anything, your brother didn’t want me to stock the infirmary —

BRI: Alright alright. Fine. You can buy your dumb supplies. I’ll just…come with you I guess.

[transmission silence]

INF: Ugh.

BRI: What? If you were more trustworthy, maybe I wouldn’t have to. It’s your fault.

INF: Yes, genius, it’s my fault you got shot weeks before I even came aboard. Yes. But, fine, come with, if giving me money will keep you up at night.

BRI: Not likely, but I can think of at least four other ways you could make that happen.

[transmission silence]

INF: You’re a pig. I’d rather put a gun to my head. So are we done here?

BRI: Apparently.

INF: Good. So you’ll come with and we’ll get supplies on Hayden.

BRI: My excitement is immeasurable.

INF: Mine too. It’s been painful talking to you as always, captain.

BRI: Masochist.

INF: Asshole.

INTERCOMMM link disconnected. Transcript end.

2 thoughts on “Transcript 030561

  1. Raven


    I repeat. Greatest couple EVER. *unnatural girly squealing*

    What have you turned me into. O.O

    -Raven… or whatever I have become.


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