Transcript 020861

COMM Connection Active: Transcript Begin

DNS: Hey. Finn. Pick up.

SCT: Fiear? That you? Miss my voice already, eh?

DNS: Course. Can’t get enough of that annoying twang you got.

SCT:  Everyone is powerless against it. How goes life on your tincan then?

DNS: Well we’re on our way to Archeti if that gives you any idea…

SCT: So horribly, then! Why — looking for more bullet holes to add to the collection?

DNS: I’m so close to breaking a record, I can’t stop now.

SCT: Well you’re headed to the right place. I recommend avoiding Genesi’s northeast side right now … or at least don’t mention my name there. So what, you got business or something?

DNS: Fuel, med supplies, unloading merchandise. The usual. But not for me. I’m on vacation. Cy’s handling this one.

SCT: Vacation eh? That … doesn’t sound much like ya. [transmission pause] Oh hang on. You’re still banged up, aren’t you?

DNS: Eh…a little more actually…

SCT: What now?

DNS: I may or may not have jumped out a window…

SCT: [laughter] My hero! Jumped out a window and now you’re sending your kid brother to the shithole. Mate, kinda sounds like you need my help.

DNS: Help? I don’t need your help. Cy’s perfectly capable of handling this. And if he’s not, he really should be…No. I don’t need help. Maybe company and a good stiff drink though. You in the neighborhood at all?

SCT: Yeah, actually. About a day out. Bet I could make another stop to the homestead.

DNS: Do it. May be the last time you ever see me at the rate we’re going. A year from now you’ll read an article about how the Society finally tracked down the elusive Soliveré brothers. It was easy. Their ship had broken down mid-flight and they were just floating out in the wide orbit of some middle of nowhere star. Shame they were already dead. It’ll be a sad, but respectful piece. You’ll feel a touch sorrowful. Perhaps a single tear will roll down your cheek. Then you’ll have a drink in my honor and fondly remember that last time you saw me on Archeti. After I’d jumped out a window.

SCT: I’ll drink to that. I might even shed TWO tears. On the bright side, haven’t heard any major Society movement on Archeti lately. Does this mean you had a close shave or something? Why so desperate?

DNS: Not with them, no. Hit a bit of a different kink though. If you haven’t heard yet, I’m sure you will soon. Regardless, just in a bad spot. I’m not even really sure how it got this bad…I think karma’s pissed at me for something.

SCT: In that case, I’ll buy the first round. And I’ll tell Elsa to pray to the gods for ya or whatever she does.

DNS: How is Elsa? Been able to see her recently?

SCT: Hah. No. She got moved to a higher rank so they work her to the ground now. But she’s good … her sister’s doing better, out of the hospital again. And hey, she’s got some off-planet leave to use in a few months. Since she got the promotion, she’ll buy us the drinks then.

DNS: Oh perfect. I will happily extort any and all military personnel for free alcohol. You know. If I’m alive. But let’s be optimistic here.

SCT: Oh I dunno, you’ve kept yourself alive much longer than I thought you would.

DNS: Ye of little faith.

SCT: That’s you. You’re the one groomin’ Cy to take over for ya.

DNS: Nonsense. No lack of faith there. Just on vacation is all. Besides. It’s fun to make him squirm a bit. That’s what you get for being pretentious.

SCT: I guess in that case, I’ll see you alive on Archeti soon.

DNS: Not soon enough, mate. See ya then.

COMM link disconnected. Transcript end.

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