Transcript 020661

COMM Connection Active: Transcript Begin

[transmission static]

VGD:  Ludo? Hello? Can you read me? I’m shocked you picked up the call. How in the world did you manage a stable connection on the Dionysian?

[transmission static]

DNS: We’re docked. And this ship’s no worse than your headquarters, Valin. What is it you need?

VGD: Ah, yes. Still as humorless as I remember you, old friend.

DNS: More so.

VGD: Oh, is that so? Business not going well?

DNS: No business, more like. Captain’s goin’ softer everyday.

VGD: Lucky for you, then, I’ve got a job for you. But first — your captain’s soft is he? I’ve negotiated with Fiearius. He seemed shrewd enough to me. Quick. Efficient.

DNS: Yes. He is. Mostly. But he’s sitting on money right now.

VGD: Oh?

DNS: Girl came aboard. Escapee from a Society planet. She comes from wealth.

VGD: Wealth, is that so? [laughter] Ludo, Ludo, Ludo. Always thinking about the bottom line. How do you know her economic status, hm?

DNS: I can tell.

VGD: I’m sure you can. One day we’ll have a talk, man to man, about your habit of snooping through girls’ private rooms.

DNS: One day.

VGD: So what is it you’d do with her, then? Hm? You want to give her back for ransom money?

DNS: I would, yes. Not my call. Unfortunately.

VGD: Well, at least you still respect the authority of your captain. You know, Fiearius probably has his reasons. Perhaps he needs her. Perhaps he likes her.

DNS: Perhaps.

[transmission silence]

VGD: Yes. Perhaps. Anyway, Ludo, I’ve got a job for you. I — are you listening?

DNS: Yes.

VGD: Right. Good. Ludo, it pains me to say it, but my warehouse will be raided soon. I’ve got a month at best before the shoe drops. What I’ve got in my basement I — well, I’d rather not disclose. But I need this heat out of here. Come lift these guns for me.

DNS: And do what with them?

VGD: Hold onto them. That’s all. And stay off the radar.

[transmission silence]

DNS: This seems simple.

VGD: It is simple. And easy. Very easy. Just a clean lift is all I can ask. I’ll pay more than enough, you know me. And you’d be keeping an old friend out of a death sentence. What do you say?

DNS: Forward me the details. I’ll tell the captain.

VGD: Excellent. Ludo, thank you. And you know, you might be onto something with that ransom idea. You ought to pass it along.

DNS: Perhaps. Goodbye, Valin.

VGD: See you soon, Ludo.

COMM link disconnected. Transcript End

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