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Chapter 46: Cheap Gin and Low-Grade Explosives


It was hours past midnight when Leta, feeling too restless for sleep, found herself in a silent, ghostly part of the Dionysian she had never before ventured to: the observation deck. Commercial vessels boasted observation decks as grand wide rooms of glass with comfortable seating, perfect for sightseeing. But on the Dionysian, it was a merely a short dark hallway with a broad window.

Still — the view was beautiful. Leta sat on the metal floor, mesmerized by the sparkling jagged skyline beneath the tremendous bowl of the night sky. No wonder the deckhands always came down here to fool around or make out or whatever they did (she’d once seen Niki dragging Javier this direction).

She scolded herself for not visiting here sooner, even if she had good reason. In the past month, only the infirmary had been her sanctuary. When you were dying, exploring the Dionysian’s decks wasn’t much of a priority … Continue reading

Chapter 45: Other Arrangements


“So you gonna tell me what it is or what?” Corra couldn’t help but ask as she sprawled out on a bench in the engine room and propped her chin in-hand. But Cyrus barely heard her question. He was busy at a console screen, firing at the keys rapidly, his eyes wide and excited, and it was obvious why.

On the desk beside him sat the round, black sphere Will had given Corra as a parting gift, glinting dully in the light — though by the way Cyrus kept babbling about the thing, it might as well have been a glistening jewel. For a few weeks, Corra had kept the mysterious object close to her, a small comfort; now, she decided it was finally time to see what it was for.

Leta had snorted and said it was most useful as a paperweight. But Will had told her it was much more important than that. He’d said the sphere held information somehow like an archaic hard drive that no one could read. Amazingly, he’d said it held a copy of the Caelum Lex. So naturally, she’d taken it to Cyrus. If anyone could access what was inside, it’d be him.

And really, she should have known he’d get all nerdy about it. Continue reading

Chapter 44: Impossible


“You got a plan here, princess?” Fiearius grumbled to Richelle as he pushed open the heavy door and took the first cautious step out of his interrogation cell into the hallway. He carefully peered around a corner, glimpsing a few officers milling down the hall before Richelle shoved him in the chest to get back.

“Just pretend you’re still cuffed,” she ordered sharply. “With this — ” She lifted her wrist, flashing the librera she’d drawn on her hand. The ink was smudged, but she still said, “No one will question us. The police here have a very strict cooperation policy. Trust me. We’ll just get the rest of the crew and walk right out. Not a problem.”

Fiearius blinked at her. That was her plan? Find his crew and somehow stroll out of this heavily guarded station? He couldn’t say he was convinced, but he did, generally, subscribe to the impossible. And he also wasn’t in a place to argue. As Richelle stepped around the corner and strolled down the hall with confidence, Fiearius had no choice but to follow after her. Continue reading

Chapter 43: Interrogation


Well, this was a familiar setting, thought Fiearius dully, glancing down at the binds digging into his wrists. This certainly wasn’t the first time people who were less-than-fond of him had handcuffed him to chair in a dark room. This was, however, the first time those people had actually been legitimate law enforcement. While he’d ended up at the mercy of many a criminal bastard over the years, somehow he’d always managed to elude badges and uniforms and red tape. Until Paraven.

Well, this place did boast the strictest, strongest and most extensive police force in the span. It was practically part of the experience to get arrested here. He would have been rather disappointed if he’d missed out on it. Continue reading

Chapter 42: Seeing Stars


With a start, Fiearius switched on the light beside his bed and sat up, dread bolting through him as he forced himself awake. Simply put, he had no idea when or how he’d gotten back on the Dionysian. All he could remember of the night before was drinking fruity cocktails in a gaudy bar with Finn. A lot of fruity cocktails. All that came after was a big blank spot that had ended with him waking in his own quarters on his own ship.

But that wasn’t his concern. His concern was the fact that he hadn’t made it back alone. Continue reading

Chapter 41: Paraven


” — fuck, Leta, just, please tell me you are taking care of it — “

“Of course I am.” Her tone was cold and harsh. “And would you be quiet please? This isn’t important right now — “

“Not important?” Finn repeated, clearly fighting the urge to yell, or perhaps kick the nearest park bench. “I’d say it’s a little important. And you know what you need to do, don’t you? You need to tell Fiear — “

“Not a chance,” Leta interrupted, her voice so sharp that Fiearius couldn’t help himself: he glanced in her direction, even though, technically, he was discreetly eavesdropping on their conversation. In the shadow of a building, he slanted against a wall, arms folded, watching tourists pass him by on the boardwalk. Continue reading

Chapter 40: Fighting It Off


“The key is to leverage your weight. So move your back foot and then drive forward — “

“Like this?”

“Nah, that’s too slow. See how easy I can sidestep you? Here, start again and try more like this — “

No sooner had the words left Finn’s mouth when, in a flash, a heavy fist thudded into his shoulder, sending him back into the wall. Pain throbbed in his arm, and he was stunned at how exactly, that had happened. Quite abruptly, he was at the mercy of his attacker, who just happened to be a scrawny girl, currently beaming nervously at him.

Thankfully, this was practice. Continue reading